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The Traditional Newfoundland Kitchen The Traditional Newfoundland Kitchen Partridgeberry pies, pork buns, turrs, watered fish, damper bread, and pan-fried cod tongues. These traditional Newfoundland dishes have survived, despite the influx of modern trends and techniques and a great array of imported products. This heritage is at the heart of The Traditional Newfoundland Kitchen, a remarkable collection of more than 300 recipes, as well as food preservation and preparation techniques. This must-have cookbook is a window into Newfoundland’s heritage, when self-sufficiency and eating locally was a way of life.
Treasury of Nova Scotia Heirloom Dishes A Treasury of Nova Scotia Heirloom Dishes Originally published in 1967, this third edition of a Nova Scotia classic remains a family favourite today.
Salt Cod Cuisine Salt Cod Cuisine: The International Table Illustrated with sumptuous full colour photographs and original artwork, Salt Cod Cuisine offers everything from the latest exotic tastes to beautifully simple comfort food.
Treasury of Newfoundland Dishes A Treasury of Newfoundland Dishes This timeless cookbook, first published in 1958, includes hundreds of nutritious and delicious recipes, all of which were tested and approved by professional home economists.
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